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Realm Grinder is an idle clicker with a certain strategic component where your aim is to build a huge empire starting with just a small village. What kind of empire you build depends on the decisions you make and the alliances you build with different races along the way.

The game system in Realm Grinder is simple: starting out you've got to tap the screen nonstop to get money and be able to buy buildings of all kinds – farms, inns, blacksmith's forges, and lots of other kinds of establishments that provide money automatically. Plus you can cast spells that also help you get more coins.

One of the differences about Realm Grinder is that unlike in other games in this same genre, you can radically alter the look of your empire depending on which faction you join. Within a few minutes of playing you'll have to decide if you want to be with the good guys or the bad guys. And the kinds of buildings you can raise depends on whom you ally yourself with.

Realm Grinder is a great idle clicker for Android that offers a huge variety of buildings, upgrades, and spells. Plus at any time you can destroy your own empire to get permanent improvements and rebuild it from the ground up.
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Requires Android 2.3 or higher.

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